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Hard gel or regular gel? - Texas Nail Store

Hard gel or regular gel?

What’s the difference?
Gel application consists of 3 steps:
1. Base coat application
2. Color coat
3. Top coat

At the very first step (base coat) we got to decide what we will be applying to make your nails durable - regular gel base coat or hard gel.

Regular gel base - this product is good for short nails only. This product is flexible and cannot be a 100% protection for a long nail. Base coats have acids added to if for a better adhesion to a natural nail, longer nail is - means more product you have to apply. More product = more acids. That’s why we apply it only on short nails because that amount that we apply is safe.

Hard gel can be used for both - short and long nails. The product is hard itself, there is a zero flexibility. We definitely highly recommend it for longer nails, but short nails can get it as well. I personally like hard gel on myself cuz I’m so rough with my nails. ‼️If you chose a manicure with a hard gel we still put a gel color of your choice over the top of a hard gel. And the process is exactly the same. Just note that longer your nails are - longer the service will take. It takes more time to strengthen long nails.